4 Great Things To Do While Visiting Koh Phi Phi

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4 Must Do Things While Visiting Koh Phi Phi

Crystal clear waters, entirely walk-able, no vehicles, and a modest, but growing, tourist hold all existed on the island.  It seemed like nothing short of paradise that could possibly be matched in Thailand, however Koh Phi Phi has risen through the ranks to join Koh Lipe Thailand as a little slice of heaven on Earth.

With a 4 night stay nights, a high amount by the standards of most, we had a chance to visit some of the best spots on the island, and then some.  A handful stood out to be highlights, although it is a bit hard to pull out the best as everything was wonderful, with an exception for the room prices.

Surprisingly though, the rest of the activities on the island, food included, fell in line with the common notion of cheap Thai prices. Although there are tons of amazing places and things to see in Koh Phi Phi, the following are a few that we thought of as highlights, and should definitely be visited by those visiting the island.


Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint Hiking

The viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi is one of the most memorable icons of Thailand, if not all of South East Asia.  Nothing beats looking down upon the gorgeous beaches, towering peaks, and narrow straight between the two land masses.  Getting to the viewpoint, however, was a bit more difficult.

The trek is actually accessible by those of all capabilities, but expect the process to be steep and hot. To reach the first viewpoint there is a steep staircase built of over 300 steps leading up to a small shop of drinks with a fantastic scene.  The locals whom run the place are extremely nice, and moderately priced drinks are a must restock. Be jealous, as they live in the bungalow next door and have the view everyday. Those seeking even better views will carry on the 10 minute hike further to the second viewpoint at the peak of the hill, with the best views of the Phi Phi Islands. Less steep and no steps, the walk is a bit easier than the first, however the heat of the island is ever present.

Regardless, this extra trek is highly recommended for the best photo-op on the island. A bonus hike should be included for sunset, however the sun sets behind the opposing peak most of the year.



Maya Bay and the Best Phi Phi Island Tour

The classic 2001 movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed at the neighboring island of Phi Phi Leh, mainly at the world renowned Maya Bay. With this fame and notoriety, Maya Bay has become a must visit site for most people, and those not evening staying on Koh Phi Phi make the trip down from Phuket on a day tour just to see the bay.

Our original plan was to visit Maya Bay during a morning tour by long-tail, however due to a later than expected evening! We decided to push our time back to a afternoon/sunset tour instead.  By 4pm, the beach looked as if  it was emptying out of other tourists and day-trippers, soon enough our long tail was one of the last left on the beach, giving us a a slice of paradise, almost empty to enjoy for a few minutes – something entirely necessary with a place so popular.

Coconut Doughnuts

Each place we have visited, we have found a unique item that is worth purchasing that may only be found in one popular spot.  Along one of the winding streets in Phi Phi we discovered one of these wonderful treasures, Coconut Doughnuts.

Crafted from a thin layer of batter, coconut, and coconut cream, the doughnuts and lightly fried on each side to a semi-crispy and internally chewy consistency. Prepared by the same chef outside of an open-air restaurant all day, everyday. Every walk down the street is presented with the same view and wonderful smell.

Cheap Buckets

I’m going to forgo all manner of blogging formality here, and just say that I love the cheap alcohol buckets on Koh Phi Phi.

I’ve heard of said buckets many times before, which normally include a small bottle of spirits, a can of soda, and an energy drink for mixing in a plastic bucket filled with ice.  Unable to find these in other parts of Thailand, I stumbled upon this amazing creation on Koh Phi Phi and purchased my first for under $3.

Without much more to say, the best recipe for the cheap bucket is a mix of fruit juices, vodka, and a splash of sprite on top.  Fill with baby mandarin oranges as well for later consumption.  Might be a bit more expensive, but entirely worth it.

So when you head on over to Koh Phi Phi, especially during the peak season, don’t be alarmed.  Yes, there will be a lot of other tourists.  Yes, the beaches will be crowded.  But if you go in knowing that the crowd will be substantial, and seek out the beauty for what it’s worth, you won’t come back disappointed like many others.

For us Koh Phi Phi was one of the highlights of the trip, and a wonderful experience during our entire stay, crowds or not.

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