A Guide To Thailand’s Islands

When the discussion is about Thailand, I hardly know where to start from. It is welcoming, warm, and in many places, a little bit weird, but above all it is an exciting destination to visit and offers a lot to world travelers. What is synonymous to low-cost accommodation, exotic beaches, fascinating culture, natural beauty, and well developed and organized infrastructure? THAILAND, I will say! Thailand provides everything that attracts the tourists, hence making it popular and attractive to the tourists and travelers from numerous countries. It offers a good value for whatever budget any tourist has. Given the food, the natural environment, hospitality, spas and culture of Thailand, many travelers do extend their stay in Thailand.

Thailand, as described above is blessed with numerous travel itineraries. The country was recently nicknamed the land of smiles, due to its abundant wealth of exciting tourist centers that will make the most determined tourist or traveler be ever happy even after having toured the most popular tourist destinations for your holiday and vacation tour in Thailand, there are varieties of amazing sites to hike large mountains, visit amazing islands with great beaches, dive impressive coral reefs, explore great caves and visit ancient historical sites. However, given these great places of visitation, most people come to Thailand just to tour the islands and suffice it to say that they are enough, a reason to visit the land of smiles. Thailand has different islands to choose from, such as the Thailand’s diving mecca; Kao Tao, and its twin island of Koh Phi Phi. Resting on the central Gulf coast of southern Thailand, Kao Tao or the Turtle Island as it is always called has become an interesting location for scuba enthusiasts throughout the world to learn the lesson of diving. Previously the haunt of sea-turtles, Kao Tao is now a popular tourist destination. The colorful coral beds, the beaches, and the natural beauty of the Thailand’s diving mecca will make a minute stay in this area to be a memory of a lifetime.

If visiting the Kao Tao gives you the impression that you have already toured the Thailand’s most exciting island, you’d better think again and spare yourself some minutes to visit Koh Phi Phi Island. Koh phi phi is a popular island in Thailand which offers an affordable tourist center relax, and it’s less populated. The clear water, beach-fronted jungle, and the sheer cliffs tower overhead of the island are enough for love at first sight. The majority of the best snorkeling and diving Can be found in koh phi phi. Enjoy your day here in the beautiful underwater scenery. Check out the Maya Bay, a tropical paradise, which is equally stunning; the only available option for accommodation of one intends to stay here is to go camping. Just 10 minutes’ walk from Maya Bay is the Monkey Beach, where you can experience the excitement of feeding monkeys. The Phi Phi Island can be admired right at the Phi Phi viewpoint, and the Phi Phi Tsunami Memorial Garden is the perfect center to pay your homage. At five start travel and tours, we make your Koh phi phi tour hassle-free with our comfortable speedboat and offer you a wonderful trip around the island where you would find solace and beauty away from the crowds.

We will help and show you the other interesting places in Phi phi such as the Tonsai village for your shopping delights. Do you crave for an adventure at koh phi phi? You don’t have to worry yourself as Five-star travel and tours provide you all what you need to make your tour a memorable one. We are specialized in a tailor-made tour around koh phi phi island and delivered our service based on your requests and wishes.

Our main goal is to provide an exclusive service for our clients at a competitive price in the most wonderful site of paradise.

Your koh phi phi tour will time your vacation dreams into a reality with five-star travel and tours.

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  • Fred Simmonds

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the island! 😀

  • Bert Milands

    Wow, great read! And the monkeys! it wasn’t long ago since i was on holiday there enjoying my experiences on the monkey beach, whilst great fun to see the monkeys it is safe to say we left without our lunch!! luckily we found there was a small kiosk on Maya Bay which was our next stop, what a lifesaver… bonus! When I was there I was only 12 people on board, I guess that’s one of the perks of visiting during the rainy season haha!

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