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Are you a website owner? Travel Blogger? Social Media Influencer? Do you want to earn an additional income from your project,  article or blog post related to Phi Phi Island? Now you. Can become an affiliate for Five Star Group (Thailand). Become an affiliate for, offer readers of your content and social posts the option to discover more about our services, tours and activities and in return you can earn a 9% commission from any reservations created!

Who are we inviting to join us?

We are looking for individuals and businesses related to travel and tourism, leisure activities, tour packages and more specifically bloggers travelling to Phi Phi Islands. If your business or blog is related to touristic activities, travel and leisure services, and you believe your readers and customers would show an interest in our services, you are welcome to join us.

We would love to hear from:

  • Travel agencies, offering services in Thailand (Koh Phi Phi).
  • Travel bloggers looking to increase revenue from well written articles and posts.
  • Social media influencers who have visited or plan to visit Phi Phi Islands.
  • Site owners of any travel related websites.

Ability to sell services and receive affiliate revenue from every completed reservation, with minimal effort using simple link tracking.

Why is this profitable?

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Phi Phi Islands, every person who travels to Phi Phi needs to book ferry tickets or speedboat tickets to reach the island, and more often than not, these visitors are looking for a high quality boat tour of the islands.

With so much variety and choice of travel & tour packages on the island, Five Star Travel and Tours simplifies the process by offering only the tours providing the highest quality of service to guests.

How to use our affiliate programme.

All you need is – to register, which takes a couple of minutes, and your custom URL(s) will be generated immediately. You are then able to add your link to any social media posts, blog posts, banners, websites or anywhere you see fit to do so.

Once your readers follow the link you provide, a cookie is added which allows us to track any sales from your readers and customers. Meaning we can pay you a commission from any sales generated!

Key features:

  • Uncapped commissions; the potential to earn a percentage of  every reservation created with no maximum limit.
  • Cookies saved for 90 days; from the moment your reader’s visit our site via your link any sales made up to three months after will earn you a commision.
  • Regular Payouts; Payouts are available to any PayPal account with transfers made once per month.
  • Easily track your earnings and payouts from you account on

No matter the scale of your business, size of your blog, amount of traffic received. Everyone can earn real money without any investment. Registering with us is completely free

Your partnership with is transparent! We provide you a personal area with detailed statistics of sales that allows you to track all the information: quantity, location, time click-through rates and locations, paid orders and the size of the commission.