How do I make a Booking?

How to add a product to the cart?

To add a product to the cart you will need to first provide us with some information about your trip. Once you have chosen the tour for you, you can begin to make your reservation.


  1. Select the amount of passengers traveling (Adults & Children)
  2. Select the date you will be travelling with us by clicking your desired date on the calendar.
  3. You also need to select the departure time for your service, the available departure times will appear underneath the calendar after you have chosen your travel date (Some tours have multiple departure times and others may only have one to select).
  4. Once all this information is inputted, simply hit the ‘BOOK NOW’ button and your service will be added right into your cart, you can choose to add other services afterwards or just head to the cart to checkout.


*If you receive the error message “Please select the options for your booking above first” you have not selected a departure time for your tour, you must do so before being able to continue with your booking.





1) Email Confirmation

Once you have made a booking for your desired tour through our online shop, a confirmation email will be dispatched to you within 24 hours (Although usually sooner!).

Your Confirmation email will act as your ticket for your booked service(s) and will look similar to the image pictured (Right). This will contain all your reservation information including travel date, selected service, number of passengers travelling and price paid. Your reservation with Five Star Travel and Tours is held under your unique four digit booking number(s). Upon checking-in you will be required to show this email to our staff, all information must be clearly visible on your phone/tablet or printed out copy.

Our site is set up so that you are only able to book for times and dates that are available to you, this means we can confirm your reservation instantly!

*On the rare occasion we are unable to confirm your reservation will will contact you within 24 hours.


2) Checking In For Your Tour

The location of which your tour will depart from is listed in the description of each tour, under the ‘Check In’ header, please be aware that not all of our tours will be departing from the same location. You can find and view our Koh Phi Phi Island maps with check in locations here, these maps can be printed out or downloaded to your mobile phone. There are no roads or vehicles on the island of Koh Phi Phi and the only way to reach our check in locations is by foot please leave plenty of time to arrive before the scheduled time.

You should arrive with a minimum of thirty minutes to spare before the scheduled departure time, this ensures that all our tours depart on time and gives you the best experience. When you arrive at the scheduled check in location you should present the ticket to our staff, this will be accepted as a printed out copy or an electronic version on your phone or tablet. Your ticket should clearly display your unique four digit booking reference and your bar-code, failing to do so may result in you being denied boarding.

In the event that you are unable to check in at the scheduled time we advise you to contact us as soon as possible. If we are contacted in advance there is a possibility, at the discretion of Five Star Group that we can amend your reservation to another service or date. If we have not had prior contact with you and you are not checked in 30 minutes before departure you booking will become immediately void, we will offer no refund or replacement service if you miss the check-in.

*We do not offer any pick-up services on Koh Phi Phi (With the exception of private tours) You are responsible to make your own way to the check in location. 


Our payment processor for any service booked via our store is PayPal. Who are regarded as one of the safest online payment processors, if you do not hold an account with PayPal you are able to check out as a guest and pay with your debit or credit card. During the checkout process you will be taken to their payment gateway and any credit or debit card information entered will be processed via the PayPal website, Five Star Group have no access to your payment information.



For more information about us or to get in contact with us, our policys/booking process, or to read our reviews click below! Lets start your journey!