Everything You Need To Know About Phi Phi Pirate Boat

All About Phi Phi Pirate Boat Tour

As some people not know the Phi Phi Pirate Boat Tour is one of Koh Phi Phi’s highest rated tour packages. Operated and managed by the PP Original Sunset Tour Company the staff and organisers of this trip have years of experience running tours catering to visitors at Phi Phi Island, from all over the world. Even earning recommendations from Lonely Planet Guidebooks, and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests.

There is such a vast selection of tour companies, tour packages, and travel agencies to choose from on Phi Phi Island. All with something ‘same, same but different’ to offer. For the cheapest tours on the island you can usually find a ‘Half Day’ trip by longtail boat, but keep in mind cheapest does not always mean the best! (and often come with hidden fees) On the cheaper end of the scale you will normally find yourself crammed onto a Longtail Boat with a local captain. Unfortunately on these tours you probably won’t know where you are most of the time and will miss quite a lot of  information from the captain, due to the sizes of the groups needed to make these tours profitable and language barriers.

Here’s what makes the Phi Phi Pirate Boat Tour different to the rest. With the input from foreign & Thai, staff and owners, combined with an outgoing attitude. The Pirate Boat tour becomes action packed and full of fun. The vibe on the boat is super cool, easy going and a great atmosphere. Trust me, that this makes all the difference to the ride experience. The Pirate Ship gets its name because.. Well it looks just like the Pirate Ships we all know from film & TV! In addition all the crew play along, dressed to fit the theme of the tour wearing some sort of pirate hat, accessory, or knocking back a rum! No matter what time of the year you visit Phi Phi Islands, there will always be foreign staff working on the boat, so whether you’re English, Spanish, German or Swedish speaking, you will find somebody speaking your own language!


Where Does The Boat Stop

The Phi Phi Pirate Boat leaves almost everyday (dependent on weather conditions), leaving from the Irish Bar on Phi Phi Don Island. The ship leaves generally between 12:00 – 13:30, depending on the season. You can check the exact departure time by visiting the Phi Phi Pirate: Website or email them at info@phiphipirate.com.

The boat is loaded up with snorkeling gear, and kayaks. The on-board bar is stocked up full with liquors and beers and rum! Guests are on board, its time to visit the first stop:


Monkey Beach

The boat stops as close as possible to the Monkey Beach, but due to the size of the ship, a smaller boat is needed to taxi guests right up to the beach. Or if your feeling up to it, grab a mask and snorkel, to swim the short distance over to the beach or even hop into a kayak! Don’t worry if Monkeys aren’t your thing, you can even hang around on the boat and grab a cool beer from the bar!

The Monkey Beach is actually made up from three smaller beaches located next to each other, the crystal clear water here makes this stop worth every second. There is also loads of wild monkeys strolling up and down the beach, usually hunting for food. Be careful taking food or drinks onto this beach! If you do, chances are you’ll be involuntary giving them up to the Monkeys.


Viking Cave

The quickest stop on the tour, the boat usually parks here for 10 to 15 minutes. Just to get a look, whilst the guides tell the stories about the cave. As tourists cannot get inside Viking Cave is it normally a brief stop on the way to Pilleh Lagoon.


Pilleh Lagoon & Loh Samah

This is one of the most popular stops on the Pirate Boat Tour, The waters here are a jaw-dropping, beautiful shade of blue, mixing the stunning scenery with the crystal clear waters will leave you feeling overwhelmed with joy. This Lagoon is a pure paradise that you won’t want to leave.

At this stop you have the options to swim, snorkel or kayak (up to 3 people fit in the kayaks). They have plenty of snorkels and 14 kayaks. You can’t use both at the same time, to give everyone a fair chance to enjoy a bit of everything. If you have your own snorkel, bring this along with you if your desperate to kayak and snorkel at the same time.

Don’t forget about the diving platforms on the top deck of the boat; if you dare! Its a real adrenaline rush, and makes for some great photos!

After leaving Pilleh Lagoon, the boat will pass by Loh Samah, on the way to Maya-Bay. It’s only a brief stop here to take a photo. But once you have reached maya-bay you are able to walk through the jungle at the back to swim at Loh Samah.


Maya-Bay or Bamboo Island

After enjoying the stop at Pilleh Lagoon, it’s time to visit one of Phi Phi Islands National Parks, where the boat will stop is dependant on the season:

  • Low Season (May – September) Stop at Bamboo Island
  • Peak Season (October- April) Stop at Maya-Bay

Bot of these National parks are as beautiful as each other and whichever one you visit on your tour, you will not be dissapointed. The stop here lasts one hour to give you time to take in the scenery and relax on the beaches. All Park entry fees are included in the ticket prices.


Sunset on the boat

After everyone is back onto the boat, dinner is served up. On the lower deck of the ship they have a kitchen and chef, so all the food is cooked up fresh during the tour. We begin the slow cruise back to dry land while everyone is filling their stomachs and watching a perfect sunset over the Andaman Sea.


What’s included for the price

The cost of the trip is ฿1,300 [35 USD] Per Person (including to ฿400 National Park Entry Fee!). That is, you pay 1,300 and you don’t need to pay and hidden taxes or fees whilst on the tour; unless you want to indulge, and grab some beers or drinks from the bar. (Bottled Water, Tea & Coffee are free).

What do you get for your money:

  • Bottled Water, Tea & Coffee is free
  • Fresh Fruit Served Throughout The Day
  • Freshly Cooked Dinner
  • Facebook Photography Service
  • Mask and Snorkel Hire
  • Kayak Hire
  • Life Jackets
  • Pool Noodles
  • National Park Entry Fees

Where to book your tickets:

There are four stations on Phi Phi Don Island in which you can buy tickets, usually you can buy tickets a day or two before.

Buy From

Next to Unnis’ Restaurant

Opposite Mon Cafe

In the centre of Tonsai Village, near the ‘Yellow Bank’

Close to Loh Dalum beach

Or you can buy your tickets online, up until midnight the day before your trip:


Bar Prices:

Values ​​of things on the boat:

  • Chang Beer: ฿80
  • Singha Beer: ฿80
  • Leo Beer: ฿80
  • Smirnoff Ice: ฿100
  • Coca-Cola: ฿40
  • Sprite: ฿40
  • Fanta: ฿40
  • Ice Tea: ฿40
  • Marlborough Cigarettes: ฿200
  • Pringles: ฿100
  • Crisps: ฿40
  • Oreo’s ฿40
  • Instant Noodles: ฿40
  • Toast: ฿50

Is Phi Phi Pirate Worth Is?

Simply Put: Yes! The Phi Phi Pirate tour is definitely worth doing when you are at Phi Phi Island. The crew on the boat make the day truly amazing! The vibe coming from the staff is lively and uplifting. This really adds to the experience of the day. The people on this tour normally share a similar ‘party’ and ‘spontaneous’ mentality which ends up with all the guests getting along, having lots of laughter and creating a cheerful vibe, mixed with the beauty of Phi Phi Islands it makes a recipe for success.

We would highly recommend this tour for anyone who enjoys, partying, meeting new people and especially solo travelers. This is the type of tour where you meet great people, and make new friends.

Below are some useful links to get more information about the trip:

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