17. If I Miss My Check In Time Can I Move To Another Service or Get My Money Back?


Checking in at the correct time and location is solely down to yourself, we are not able to wait for you to arrive if you are late, and our tours will depart at the advertised time. Each trip needs to be booked in advance and in cases where you miss the check in you will not be entitled to a refund, therefore please ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to reach us and check in with at least 30 minutes to spare. If you are aware that you will not be at the check in location on time and want to travel as soon as is possible please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we can advise you of your next best options and may be able to move you onto a later departure time or date (This will be at our discretion). Finally, don’t panic, there’s always a solution! If we have no contact from you in advance we will not offer a replacement service.  

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